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Professional Fees

All fees are on a per party basis and payable seven days prior to the mediation. In the event that one party cancels within seven days of the scheduled mediation, the fees are not refunded to the cancelling party but are refunded to the good faith party. VAT is charged at 20%.

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Initial Consultation:
15 Minutes


This will be a free 15 minute session in which the mediator will gain an understanding of the scope of the issue in dispute. After this meeting you will receive a proposal of mediation timeframe.

Assessment Meeting:
1 Hour

£110 +VAT

During the mediation information and assessment meeting the mediator will make an assessment as to the likelihood that mediation will be successful and advise on how the parties should proceed.

Half Day Mediation:
3 Hours

£330 +VAT

This half day mediation gives our mediators more time to thoroughly go through your matter. Tea and coffee will be provided and there will be an option for a 15 minute break not included in the 3 hour session.

Full Day Mediation:
8 Hours

£880 +VAT

 The session will be split into two 4 hours sessions with a 30 minute lunch break not included in the 8 hour session (total length is therefore 8 hours and 30 minutes).

Extra Time:
1 Hour

£140 +VAT

This fee will be charged per extra hour needed if the mediation continues beyond the agreed upon length of time in that day. Parties can either agree to go over allotted time or schedule another half or full day of mediation.

Additional Parties:
Per person

£50 +VAT

Each party to the mediation may bring up to two individuals, for example, the person in dispute and their solicitor or support person. This extra cost applies if a party would like a third person present. Each party is liable for their own extra people.

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