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Photo of Christopher on the phone at a desk.
Christopher Eddison-Cogan

Christopher developed an appreciation for mediation in the 1990s when he was embroiled in a dispute between IBM and a law firm. The mediator – a former judge of the Supreme Court — ran the process with insight, humanity, and discipline, resulting in a good outcome for all parties. This is the gold standard we aim for.‍

Before transferring to the UK, Christopher was an accredited mediator with the Australian National Mediation Accreditation System (NMAS). Christopher is a dual qualified solicitor, being admitted to the rolls in England & Wales and Australia. He has over 20 years of experience in mediations and has successful careers in law, software, property, and management. Christopher has an MBA, a Bachelor of Laws, and a Masters of Law majoring in Family Law. He has completed the relevant courses in the UK in Family Mediation, Child Inclusive Mediation and Collaborative Family Law. He is a member of the Family Mediation Council, Resolution, and the College of Mediators.

Photo of Catherine sitting a desk with a smile.
Catherine Prysor-Jones

Catherine is passionate about mediation and believes it to be the least stressful, most effective and productive form of alternative dispute resolution. Catherine has served the NHS for over 25 years, working for several different trusts over many different specialities. In these roles, she gained invaluable experience that has made her an excellent mediator and is now specialising in a broad range of medical and health service based disputes. Catherine has a broad knowledge of medical terminology and the issues that can arise from medical procedures, conditions and treatments.

Catherine's vast experience of working in a patient-focused environment enables her to communicate sensitively and effectively with patients and medical staff involved in complex disputes, resulting in positive feedback and resolution.

She recognises the stresses experienced by individuals in conflict and is adept at maintaining a calm, reassuring demeanour when mediating disputes, whether in a workplace or healthcare setting. When presented with problems, she has proven to be resourceful and proactive at guiding conflicting parties toward a solution. She emphasises the importance of creating and maintaining relationships through practicality, empathy and understanding.  

Catherine also has a keen interest in mediating disputes involving property and land, neighbourhood and any building and construction issues.

Photo of Andrew sitting at desk on computer smiling.
Andrew Rowell

Andy has over 30 years of experience in public service resulting in unparalleled expertise when collaborating and cooperating with people from all walks of life. Andy has an impressive portfolio in dealing with workplace diversity, partnered agencies, and communities. For example, in his last role, he headed up an organisation with over 1000 staff and a multi-million-pound budget; a role that required the sophisticated diplomacy skills that are key to successful mediations.


Andy approaches mediation intending to translate complexity into simplicity, to facilitate a balanced and controlled discussion that ensures all parties have their say. He has substantial experience mediating various disputes including union versus management, constructive dismissal, unsatisfactory employee attendance, disputed work benefits and disciplinary action processes.

Photo of Jennifer smiling and typing at desk
Jennifer Brown

Jennifer has a background in nursing and psychology, qualified as an RN, then going on to complete a BA (Psych), a Dip Psych, and an M Psych.


Jennifer is determined to transform the way individuals and businesses resolve disputes, assisting the shift away from costly litigation to beneficial and amicable mediation. 

Photo of Bella smiling close up black and white portrait
Bella Brown

Bella has a background in Graphic Design and Digital marketing, handling the Dispute Clinics advertising and branding whilst also ensuring that all Mediations go smoothly.

Bella ensures all experiences at The Dispute Clinic fit each individual's specific needs and requirements. By helping create a secure and cooperative atmosphere, clients can work towards a successful outcome with the assistance of one of our mediators. She is a keen researcher consistently looking for ways to improve client experiences.

Photo of Christine smiling with red flowers near her
Christine Yuill

Christine has extensive customer service experience and at the Dispute Clinic she treats everyone equally and with respect. This assists in promoting a safe and amicable environment allowing clients to achieve a successful outcome, without feeling excluded. She is always friendly and happy to help where ever she can.

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